District Warehouse YTD Financial Reports



 Detailed Athletic Expenditures YTD


 ALE Expenditures YTD
 ALE Expenditures By Object YTD
 ALE Fund Balance Report
 Categorical Expenditures and Fund Balances YTD
 ELL Expenditures YTD
 ELL Fund Balance Report
 ESA Expenditures YTD
 ESA Fund Balance Report
 ESA Program Code Errors YTD
 Professional Development Expenditures YTD
 Professional Development Fund Balance Report


 Building Fund 3 Expenditures YTD
 Capital Outlay Fund 5 Expenditure YTD
 Declining Enrollment Expenditures YTD
 Food Services Fund 8 Expenditures YTD
 Function 2321 YTD
 Function 2329 YTD
 Function 2390 YTD
 Function 2490 YTD
 Gifted/Talented YTD
 Gifted/Talented Expenditure Required Summary YTD with NBC Bonus
 M&O 9% Required Expenditure YTD with NBC Bonus
 M&O Expenditure Budget YTD
 Student Growth Expenditures YTD
 Superintendent Certified Salary & Benefits YTD

Fund Balance

 Fund Balance Academic Facilities Catastrophic Repair
 Fund Balance Academic Facilities Partnership Program (Fund 3 Only)
 Fund Balance Activity Fund (Fund 7) YTD
 Fund Balance Building Fund (Fund 3) YTD
 Fund Balance Capital Outlay (Fund 5) YTD
 Fund Balance Educational Cooperative Technology Center (Fund 1362 | 2362)
 Fund Balance Federal Fund (Fund 6) YTD
 Fund Balance Food Services (Fund 8) YTD
 Fund Balance Title I YTD
 Fund Balance Report (Fund 1199 | 2199)
 Fund Balance Smart Start - Literacy Fund Balance Report (Fund 1381 | 2381)
 Fund Balance Smart Start - Literacy Staff Development (Fund 1383 | 2383) 
 Fund Balance Smart Start - Math Fund Balance Report (Fund 1382 | 2382)

 Fund Balance Smart Start Math Staff Development (Fund 1384 | 2384)
 Legal Balance (Funds 1, 2, 4) YTD

General Ledger

 GL Accounts 04060-04699 & 04800-04999
 Payroll Liability Account Balance YTD


 Declining Enrollment Revenue YTD
 Property Tax Revenue YTD
 Revenue 11120 and 11125 YTD
 Revenue 11120 and 11125 By Period YTD
 Student Growth Funding Revenue YTD


 Function 2321 Superintendent YTD Salary